The Plain of Mesogeia, Attica
The plain of Mesogeia has been the natural feeder of Athens since ancient times. Famous for vineyards, olive groves and many other crops such as peanuts, almonds and figs.

Harma blends of Attica is a delicate extra virgin olive oil deriving from the finest Megaron olives cultivated traditionally for hundred years in the region of Mesogeia – Attica. Minor addition during production of Manaki, Klonara & Koroneiki gives a superior aromatic spectrum, though keeping low the spicy and bitterness. It is a wise olive oil selection from the surroundings of Athena.

Both its cultivation and extraction is done by ENERGAEA and is produced in a limited quantity, depending on the annual production of our olive groves. We apply modern sustainable farming practices and use our experience for the best possible olive oil extraction procedures.

It is bottled exclusively in a 500ml bottle and is available from the end of October each season.

The Myth of Olive Tree
The Olive Tree, which according to the Myth was planted by goddess Athena on the Acropolis, was called “Moria Elea” and was considered the first day olive tree that existed in Athens and around the world.

The Moria olives were originally collected at the Academy where the sacred grove was located. Later, however, all the old olives of Attica were recorded as Moria and there was special legislation for their protection but also rules for their cultivation.

Aristotle informs us about the preservation, the way of harvesting and the disposal of the olive oil of Moria. The owners of the sacred trees were obliged to protect them, not to cultivate around them and to keep their wooden fence called “sikos”. There were special “experts” to control their well-being. Destruction of a tree was considered an act of which the culprit even faced the death penalty.

Harma is a Greek word for smashing, delicious and beautiful. Enjoy it

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Olio glass bottle UVAG 0,5 lt | On demand 3lt for food service
Carton box of 12 items | 84 boxes – 1008 items maximum per pallet
Europallet D 120X80X160 | GW 800kg | Net W 466kg

AVAILABILITY : All year available